Victory Guitar

Peter Leveillee



1966 Fender Precision Bass
original condition

This guitar was worn from 40 years of active playing by the original owner. It had been refinished in 1974 in West Virginia. This 1974 finish was completely worn into the wood. First, the bare wood was cleaned and stained to match the existing finish. Holes were filled with lacquer compound, then sanded. Ten coats of cherry lacquer were applied. Then, it was level sanded. It was finished with 5 coats of clear lacquer.

Active pickups were installed, requiring minor body routing. A new custom bridge and gold machine heads were installed. Finally, a black pickguard was fitted.

Although many feel that vintage guitars should remain original, the owner of this instrument had the bass for 40 years in original condition and decided that it was time to improve it. The owner was extremely impressed and happy with the custom restoration.


Completed Restoration

Customized 1966 Fender Precision Bass

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